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Txtract for Android G1 Phones – Text (SMS) Message Extractor

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Txtract in business...

Txtract in business...

When I got my TMobile G1 Android phone, I was really enthusiastic about what it has to offer, and it has not failed me yet. Knock on the wood!

As a user of the device, the only thing I can say is, it is fabulous. The application market place is not that rich yet, as the “other” device. However, it looks like getting there. I am not much of a person who would download everything and clog my computational devices, but more of a minimalist who would have only what he needs. Same thing for my G1 phone. I have the Twitroid (frequent user), imeem (once in a while I check what’s tuning), Wertago (i like the idea, but the recommendations around my area are not too accurate), Bank of America’s Mobile Banking app came in handy a few times (had to show my ginormous balance to my friends, j/k) and a few others.

After starting to exchange more SMS messages with my friends, I realized that, those messages accumulate and slows things down a wee bit. Deleting the entire threads of messages was an option, or deleting the entire Message database another option. Deleting the messages one by one was NOT an option. I would rather pull a few all nighters, deprive myself of sleep for a week, and write a programs to do things, such as extracting those messages, instead of doing a manual deletion.That’s how the “Txtractproject started.

Readable link:

This is a textbook description of what Txtract does. 1.1 release does not support HTML output.

Txtract generates a device-independent (XML, CSV, HTML) backup of your Text Messages (SMS) off your Android G1 Phone.


Txtract 1.3 SMS Backup for G1 Released

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Brilaps released an update for the Txtract – SMS Backup for G1 today.

The new version is Txtract 1.3, code name cloudcat.

You can find the release notes here.

*This screenshot needs an update !

For support on Txtract, please visit

Booze – F.B.I’s Most Wanted

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Booze F.B.I. Most Wanted

Booze - Fish Bureau of Investigation - Most Wanted

I’ve been looking for this photo of Booze (my cat), finally found it ! posting it here, as I do for some of my stuff, so that I won’t loose it again.

This photo was taken after we found him next to our fish. Fortunately, he was cleared off all charges of first degree fish-murder. It was technically impossible for Booze to jump on the kitchen counter to accomplish such a hideous action.

The verdict was; the fish committed suicide. Booze innocent !

Andorati – Search the Blogosphere on your G1

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Andorati - Search The Blogosphere on Your G1Another first from Brilaps. A brand new native G1 application to search the blogosphere.

Andorati is a client that brings the blogosphere search to your G1 Phone. Pick your tag, or type your search. You’ll get the latest of what’s being blogged around the world.

Andorati also features an easy bookmarking mechanism. You can add the blog, and the blog post to your browser bookmarks. This way, you can also access those sites from the G1’s web browser later on. (*hint: Andorati also implements a multi-select bookmark cleanup feature)

The initial beta release of Andorati is “Andorati4Geeks“. Andorati for Geeks require that you have an APIKey from Technorati to enable the searches. The APIKey is assigned to you when you register a free account on (

Andorati4Geeks 1.1 Released on 2008-12-22.
Release Notes: AndoratiReleaseNotes


A True G1 Hater

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Yesterday, I exchanged a few emails with a G1 user, who contacted me through Android Market Application. Here goes the short but to the point email chain;

from Thndr <his email>
to my email here
date Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 8:06 PM
subject Txtract – SMS Backup

Wtf is so good about ths shit fone? It can’t download crap. Going back to. My real fone. A waste of money.

from my email here
to Thndr <his email>
date Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 8:12 PM
subject Re: Txtract – SMS Backup

Sorry, but you’re barking at the wrong tree. We’re not with Google, or with the Android Team, or affiliated with your GSM Operator :) You can voice your concerns about G1 at

Here comes the best part.

from Thndr <his email>
to my email here
date Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 8:19 PM
subject Re: Txtract – SMS Backup

Doesn’t matter. Wtf kind of crap fone is this when you wait for geeks to develop programs? Going back to my real fone. This shit is worthleaa.

Whatever many may think, I think and believe Android platform is great and G1 is a good phone. And really doesn’t require that much of a brain power to operate that device.