Txtract 1.3 SMS Backup for G1 Released

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Brilaps released an update for the Txtract – SMS Backup for G1 today.

The new version is Txtract 1.3, code name cloudcat.

You can find the release notes here.

*This screenshot needs an update !

For support on Txtract, please visit http://forum.brilaps.com

Txtract for Android G1 Phones – Text (SMS) Message Extractor

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Txtract in business...

Txtract in business...

When I got my TMobile G1 Android phone, I was really enthusiastic about what it has to offer, and it has not failed me yet. Knock on the wood!

As a user of the device, the only thing I can say is, it is fabulous. The application market place is not that rich yet, as the “other” device. However, it looks like getting there. I am not much of a person who would download everything and clog my computational devices, but more of a minimalist who would have only what he needs. Same thing for my G1 phone. I have the Twitroid (frequent user), imeem (once in a while I check what’s tuning), Wertago (i like the idea, but the recommendations around my area are not too accurate), Bank of America’s Mobile Banking app came in handy a few times (had to show my ginormous balance to my friends, j/k) and a few others.

After starting to exchange more SMS messages with my friends, I realized that, those messages accumulate and slows things down a wee bit. Deleting the entire threads of messages was an option, or deleting the entire Message database another option. Deleting the messages one by one was NOT an option. I would rather pull a few all nighters, deprive myself of sleep for a week, and write a programs to do things, such as extracting those messages, instead of doing a manual deletion.That’s how the “Txtractproject started.

Readable link: http://wiki.brilaps.com/wikka.php?wakka=Txtract

This is a textbook description of what Txtract does. 1.1 release does not support HTML output.

Txtract generates a device-independent (XML, CSV, HTML) backup of your Text Messages (SMS) off your Android G1 Phone.